The Olympia Glove Factory Advantage

U.S. Owned Facility

If you’re looking for an excellent glove factory to work with … you’ve come to the right place.

  • Our China glove factory is owned and managed by our U.S. based glove company.
  • We manage every part of the manufacturing process, from design through shipping and logistics.
  • Since we own the factory, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.  Tight timetables and challenges like meeting minimums, are handled with ease.
  • We're known for service.  Some customers need us to warehouse special raw materials for quicker turnaround and shorter leadtimes,others to air goods in.  We do what it takes to meet your business goals. 

Glove Making Experience

The craft of glove making has been handed down through multiple generations of Olympia Glove management and craftsmen.

  • We employ the most skilled craftsmen and the latest technology.
  • Every pair of gloves we make is backed by 70+ years of Olympia glove manufacturing experience.

  • We only use metal dies, vs. those who use paper patterns.  Metal dies are more precise, whereas paper can cause variability in sizes vs. standard when it comes to QC.

Known for Quality and Innovation

We've led the industry in product innovation. 

  • We introduced the first Kevlar knuckle protector. The first anti-vibration gel palm. We were first to use high viz reflective materials.  We continue to raise the bar with our touch screen gloves, and other improvements.

Our experience, means confidence for you. Confidence that you can expect better product and service for your brand.

To learn more about sourcing gloves, download our free checklist, "10 Questions To Ask Your Glove Supplier:  Private Label Sourcing Checklist".

And, contact us for a line review and/or consultation. 


Olympia Private Label Glove Manufacturing.

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