Motorcycle Gloves Manufacturer

We make gloves for some of the world’s leading motorcycle brands.

Motorcycle Gloves Manufacturer

We provide: 

  • Capability for turnkey manufacturing
  • Deep expertise in motorcycle glove design and construction
  • Approved manufacturing partner with the best component suppliers, such as W.L Gore and others
  • Well established relationships through the entire supply chain
  • Financial stability over 7 decades

Leading motorcycle brands rely on Olympia 

We pride ourselves on developing excellent motorcycle glove solutions for all the various conditions moto enthusiasts typically face, on the road, and off-road.

You will appreciate the many performance glove options we provide, and the thought that goes into every detail.

Download our free Sourcing Checklist, and read about recent glove manufacturing projects, or contact us for a consultation, to learn more about how we can help you.



Olympia Private Label Glove Manufacturing.

Experience you can trust.

Olympia glove on motorcycle thottle

Motorcycle riders out on the open road