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Improving Glove Quality: 3 Ways to Reduce Consumer Returns

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

May 1, 2014 1:28:00 AM

improving glove quality and reducing returnsAs the weather turns warmer and sales of motorcycle gloves pick up, we wanted to share a particular manufacturing problem that we once had to trouble shoot.

For a powersports brand, consumer complaints were running at nearly 1% of sales on one of their best-selling fingerless glove styles. The challenge was to figure out why, and remedy the situation. 

By making three simple manufacturing technique improvements, the return rate was reduced by almost 50% in the 2 years that followed.

Since "quality is job one", we thought it would be instructive to share not only what we did, but what we learned. 


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Diversifying Glove Manufacturers: 6 Factors to Consider

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Apr 21, 2014 10:34:00 AM

choosing glove manufacturersIs working with just one supplier is the best way to control glove cost?  How many suppliers should you have, and how should you choose?

At first, this seems like a simple question.

There's no denying the appeal of lower cost. The growth of manufacturing in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and others are all testament to that.

However, we also read about a return to "Made in U.S.A." in some cases.  While lower price is not part of this strategy, it offers other potential advantages.

As with most supply chain questions, it is not as simple as it seems on the surface.

If you are thinking about planning your glove production, what else should you consider?


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Glove Company: 5-Steps to A Short and Long Term Product Plan

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Apr 13, 2014 11:23:00 AM

How a Glove Company process for "new and improved" productIs your glove line in need of a refresh? 

What about new products ... is there a need for improvements to a current line ... or for a new line entirely? 

Sales and customer feedback is the best barometer of where you are versus where you need to be.  And here's a 5-step process you can use for planning ahead and closing any gaps.

This is a 50,000 foot view but hopefully gives you some fresh ideas for your product planning process.

Topics: Private Label: Glove manufacturing, Private Label Product Merchandising, Private Label Glove Innovation

Leather Glove Manufacturers: Inspiration from the 2014 APLF

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Apr 3, 2014 7:10:00 PM

This year's  Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) wrapped up earlier this week.  With over 1,200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors, it's a huge showcase for the leather industry, where you see everything  from classic leather selections to emerging trends on display. 

The show is a great place to exchange ideas and information with colleagues in the industry. This year the need to source alternatives due to rising hide prices was a particular topic of discussion.

And of course, we all want to see what's new.  Bright colors, distressed textures, alternatives that offer price advantages --  you can see it all here, under one roof. The APLF is  a great place to look for innovative materials, designs, finishes and colors for the forthcoming seasons.

As they say ... a picture is worth a 1000 words. We are sharing some pictures from the fair,  if you're interested in leather.  Enjoy!

Below:  pictures don't convey the scale. 
So many leather producing countries represented, from Brazil to Turkey to Pakistan to Italy -- like a session at the United Nations. 


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Strategic Sourcing: Keeping Glove Prices in Line When Costs Rise

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Mar 31, 2014 7:00:00 AM


The past few weeks have seen some dramatic trends for importers and sourcing professionals.

The Chinese currency (RMB) has fallen steadily over the past year, reaching a 12-month low against the dollar in March.

On the other hand, leather prices -- a main material in many of our products -- have been rising steadily.

In fact at the APLF this week, that's all anyone talked about.

In the face of cost volatility, what can we do to manage margins and profitability?  How should it impact our planning?

Let’s take a closer look at what these changes mean for our customers.


Topics: Private Label Sourcing Strategy, Private Label Costs/Pricing

How A Private Label Manufacturer is Like A Point Guard

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Mar 24, 2014 11:37:00 PM

award_winning private label glove manufacturerWhen you manufacture private label gloves, it's like being a point guard, in a way ...

You create scoring opportunities for your teammates.

When they score, you take satisfaction in knowing you've done well.

You don't take credit for what you do.
That's just part of the job, and part of being on a team. 

So today's post is to share a bit of good news for a client of ours -- who shall remain nameless. 


Topics: Private Label: Glove manufacturing, About Olympia, Private Label: Glove Design Process, Private Label Glove Innovation

Glove Company: A Peek Behind the Product Planning Curtain

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Mar 23, 2014 3:00:00 PM

Glove company product innovations from nature


 If you manage a product line, it's a good idea to periodically conduct a line review. 

Do you have a process to do this annually or biannnually?

Today we'll pull back the curtain on our own product planning process.

By sharing our process for analyzing customer needs, trends, and innovation ... we hope you find some ideas that are useful.

So what does the turtle shell pictured above have to do with powersports gloves?  Read on.


Topics: About Olympia, Private Label Product Merchandising, Private Label Glove Materials, Private Label Glove Innovation, Private Label Product Planning

Glove Manufacturer's Guide to Branding

Posted by Peter Kiernan

Mar 15, 2014 6:58:00 PM

harley davidson tatoo brandingThere is no disputing the importance of brand when it comes to consumer apparel. Think about 3 iconic brands, and how they make the wearer feel:

... the lifestyle conveyed by a Nike swoosh,

... the exclusivity of an LV logo,

... the “this is my tribe” feeling of a Yankees baseball cap.

Each of these brands makes the wearer feel good, admired, confident. And in each case, there are many variations when it comes to physical execution.

What are our branding options when it comes to gloves?


Topics: Private Label: Glove manufacturing, Private Label Suppy Chain, Private Label: Branding

Leather Price Challenges: Glove Supplier Costs Continue to Rise

Posted by Roger Heumann

Mar 9, 2014 9:27:00 PM

Two key leather fairs take place over the next two weeks.  Lineapelle will take place in Bologna this coming week.   APLF (Asia Pacific Leather Fair) will be the first few days of April.


Topics: Private Label: Glove manufacturing, Private Label Sourcing Strategy, Private Label Leather Sourcing, Private Label Costs/Pricing, Private Label Glove Materials, Private Label Glove Innovation

Glove Supplier Q & A: Which Outsourced Services Are Right For You?

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Mar 9, 2014 8:09:00 PM

is_photo_sewing_machine_BWGlove sourcing isn’t one size fits all.

In fact, it’s more like visiting a buffet. Some companies completely outsource all aspects of glove manufacturing, others simply need a specific service to supplement current capabilities.

You may need help with design … or sourcing and manufacturing … or have things pretty well in hand (no pun intended) and just need occasional consulting.

How do you decide? Here’s a Q & A with a twist … use it to learn which kind of glove manufacturing services can help take your business to the next level.


Topics: Private Label: Glove manufacturing, Private Label Sourcing Strategy, Private Label Suppy Chain, Private Label: Glove Fit & Feel

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