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How A Private Label Manufacturer is Like A Point Guard

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Mar 24, 2014 11:37:00 PM

award_winning private label glove manufacturerWhen you manufacture private label gloves, it's like being a point guard, in a way ...

You create scoring opportunities for your teammates.

When they score, you take satisfaction in knowing you've done well.

You don't take credit for what you do.
That's just part of the job, and part of being on a team. 

So today's post is to share a bit of good news for a client of ours -- who shall remain nameless.  Glove Manufacturing Outsourcing

Our Client Deserves a Round of Applause. 

Our manufacturing client was recognized for an onthesnow.com 2014 Editors' Choice awards in the Gloves and Mittens category.

High Fives to them!  And since we designed and manufactured their award winning product ... high fives to us, too!

Private Label Manufacturer, aka "Hand-Protection Maestros"

In the accompanying article, we were referred to as "hand-protection maestros" ... that made us smile:)

We're very proud of our client.

We're proud of our contribution, too.

We're proud to share the winners circle with 6 other highly esteemed brands who were also singled out for this award.

How fortunate to work with such talented team-members ... and in our own small way, to help them to achieve this success.

Next Season's Draft:  Building for the Future?

Sticking with the sports analogy: if you decide to use next season's draft to get a well-needed boost off the glove manufacturing bench, we hope you'll get in touch!

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