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Windproof vs. Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves: FAQ's

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

waterproof motorcycle glove on throttle

So, what does "windproof" vs. "waterproof" really mean when it comes to motorcycle gloves? 

We're glad you asked! 

Here's an explanation of the technology behind those terms, and the options that are available for motorcycle riders.


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Motorcycle Riders: Protect Hands From Wind (Beyond Windproof Gloves!)

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Riding a motorcycle in WindOptions To Protect Hands From Wind

Since hands are one of the most exposed body parts for a motorcycle rider, we make many styles of windproof gloves. But there are several non-glove options to block wind, such as hand covers and wind muffs, that are also worth considering.

While they DO NOT provide the warming layering effect of air trapped within textiles on your hands, these additions to your bike DO block wind and rain:

  • Wind Deflectors/Wind Guards: usually heavy duty plastic, mount on the bars to shield from wind

  • Hand Muffs: sewn covers that go over grips, with or without a hand guard, to add another layer of protection from wind

Some riders say that the combination of muffs plus electric bars is a nice recipe for warm hands … others say that it is a sure recipe for warm palms and freezing hands.  With or without electric grip warmers or hand covers, protect hands from exposure to wind using a competent glove.

Motorcycle Glove Features For WInd Protection

What about the gloves you already have in your gearbox?  While not technically windproof, some gloves naturally have features that add wind protection, and should not be discounted -- such as:

  • Leather Gloves:  Leather is highly wind resistant.  Though we stop short of calling it windproof without the lamination, it’s the best wind protection youll find in a glove that is not labeled "windproof".

  • Gauntlet Gloves:  Let's not forget the usefulness of a gauntlet glove style, designed to keep cold air from going up your sleeve!  Whether the extended cuff goes over or under your jacket, it's another way to stay comfortable while riding in wind.

WindProof Gloves: "The Basics" For Motorcycle Riders 

What does it mean for a glove to be windproof

A special film is laminated to either the exterior shell of the glove, or the interior lining, that adds wind blocking qualities and stops your body from feeling the chilling effects of wind.

This type of membrane goes by several namessuch as WindTex and Windstopper.  

Of note, Windstopper is known for total windproofness and optimized breathability, which maximizes comfort as it lets moisture vapor to easily escape and prevents overheating and perspiration build-up.

For a short guide to some of our Windproof glove styles, scroll down below!

BUYERS GUIDE: 12 Windproof Gloves from Olympia:

Here are 12 of Olympia's best Windproof Gloves and Waterproof Gloves:


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Winter Motorcycle Riding: Warm Gloves, Warm Hands

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Winter Motorcycle ridingSome riders put the bike in storage the minute the mercury dips.

But if you're a winter rider, cold blustery weather doesn't phase you. You already know that the secret to staying comfortable for year round riding really isn't a secret -- invest in good, warm gear.

Fortunately, gear and glove manufacturers continue to improve the gear that's available. Our goal is to block the wind, seal out wet, keep hands warm, and lessen your exposure to the weather.

While we have always made insulated gloves, the materials we use are improving every year.  Here's what you'll find in the way of warm, winter gloves.


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Wind Protection for Your Hands: Choosing Windproof Gloves, and More

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Screenshot_2013-10-23_21.38.53What makes a motorcycle glove “wind-proof”?

We're glad you asked!  A rider feels the wind anytime they are moving.  In warmer weather, there is no greater feeling.  But in cold, blustery weather, the wind can chill you to the bone.

It helps to have gear -- and gloves -- that use a barrier to the wind to make your ride more comfortable.

Here's what you need to know.

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Windproof Motorcycle Gloves For Wind, & Riding Tips for Windy Weather

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Riding Motorcycles in Windy Weather

oms_rider_on_blue The wind can be a difficult weather condition for motorcycle riders.

Strong wind lowers the temperature even further than what the thermometer reads.

Not only that, but strong side wind gusts make bike handling and staying in your lane more difficult.

To contend with windy weather, riders need to take steps to protect areas of the body most exposed, and vulnerable, to the wind, and to anticipate the wind in handling the bike.

Here are some specific suggestions for riding in windy weather conditions:


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