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The Dangers and Pleasures of Motorcycle Spring Riding

Posted by Dan Moyle

Spring2Springtime can be the best time of year to ride...but also the most dangerous. It's a bit like the Tale of Two Cities - the best of time and the worst of times. Pro: spring smells and warm temps after a long winter. Con: post-winter salt & grime on the roads.

After a rough winter especially, cage drivers have forgotten to even try to look for motorcyclists. We need to be extra careful in the early spring season, and never assume anything about being seen.


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Olympia introduces Best Motorcycle Glove: Rain or Shine

Posted by Tom Schwab

4300_Gore_Tex_Rain_Shine_Motorcylce_gloveOne of the most important articles of clothing for any rider is a decent glove. No one should really go riding without one on each hand. Not only will they give you protection from the elements, but if you go down soft or hard, they'll also offer you protection from asphalt, cement and gravel road rash.

Up until this point, some of the finest riding gloves were made of soft and flexible leather. Leather gives superior abrasion resistance; it is supple enough to let you grip the handles, and it provides a modicum of protection from the weather.


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Think Spring, Be Safe. Wear Warm Weather Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by admin



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