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Expert Tips for Long Distance Motorcycle Riders

Posted by rhonda hurwitz

Dec 15, 2013 3:28:00 PM

jeff_kohnOur recent post about Dan Zinn's 14K ride sparked a conversation with pro long distance rider "Jeff the Fence Guy"  Jeffrey E. Kohn. 

From talking to Jeff, we learned that there are records, and then there are RECORDS.

So, we set out to learn what it takes to ride competitively for over 8600 miles in 8 days, and finish in the top three.

Jeff patiently explained the answers to our most basic long distance riding questions … how you refuel, eat, stretch your legs, and sleep … all while racing the clock, fighting fatigue, and battling the elements.


Topics: Olympiarides

Introducing Long Distance Motorcycle Rider: Dan Zinn

Posted by rhonda hurwitz

Dec 1, 2013 12:25:00 PM

Dan Zinn and Lucky ride a motorcycle cross country #olympiarides

We're excited to introduce Dan Zinn today. Dan is our first #Olympiarides rider!

Dan is pending Guinness World Record approval for his motorcycle trip last year, a 14,000 mile, 58 day epic ride on a 2004 Harley through 38 states. Read about his ride on Dan's trip blog. 

Dan will be road testing some of our gloves, and posting pictures and video, along with the hashtag #Olympiarides, if you want to follow along on Twitter.


Topics: Olympiarides

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