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Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes: New York (Bear Mountain)

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes:  New York (Bear Mountain)

This time of year, NYC-area riders need no excuse to escape from the routine and head for the hills.  There's nothing better after a brutal winter than getting out and stretching the legs on a long spring ride.

And there is no better route than the rolling hills and scenic overlooks up and around Bear Mountain, NY.

Located on the west side of the Hudson River in Rockland and Orange counties, the roads around Bear Mountain State Park become a mecca for cyclists once the weather warms.

If you are planning a ride, check out long distance rider and New York native Dan Zinn's favorite local route


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Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes: Tennessee

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

marilyn_discovering_your_own_back_yardWe all know and love the motorcycle routes on the popular "Top 10" lists that pop up each spring.  

Beautiful as these rides are, their popularity also brings big crowds, dimming some of the charm.

What about the road less traveled?  Is there a route in your own backyard that you return to again and again?

Here's an idea: why not share your favorite local route -- and about other rider's favorites --

Today, Marilyn Elmore Bragg kicks things off ... with a great ride throught the back roads of Tennessee to a wonderful spot in North Carolina.


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Top 5 Motorcycle Routes in the US

Posted by admin

ROAD TRIP! Now that summer has come to an end and leaves are beginning to fall, it's time to start making plans for next year! Plan to head out and follow your motorcycle GPS on the top 5 voted routes in the U.S. If you love your motorcycle, nature, and adventure this article is for you. Continue reading to find out more!


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