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How a Weekend Motorcycle Trip Brought Us Closer

Posted by Dan Moyle


1,000 miles. 3 days. 3 men. 1 great priceless experience. 


Topics: Long Distance Riding, Motorcycle riding

Why I Ride in Charity Motorcycle Rides

Posted by Dan Moyle

4_dudes_on_roadAs a biker, I've known for a long time how charitable and generous the motorcycle community can be. It doesn't matter if a biker is a lawyer during the day, a union member, a cook or on disability, bikers give back. This has been proven to me in the last 2 years as a member of a non-profit that serves veterans. 


Topics: Motorcycle riding

The Motorcycle Rider Wave

Posted by Dan Moyle

guy_on_red_ducate_bigWhy do motorcycle riders wave at each other?

As a rider for over 20 years, I've waved at countless brothers and sisters of the road. Cruiser, cafe bike, crotch rocket, enduro ... if you're on 2 wheels (or even 3 - trikes count!) I'll wave. While I've ridden American iron my whole life - Harley-Davidson and Buell - I don't care what you're riding. If you're out of the cage (aka "car"), you're a kindred spirit. 


Topics: Motorcycle riding

New 2013 United States Motorcycle Riding Laws

Posted by admin

As 2013 approaches, remember many new motorcycle riding laws come into effect when the clock strikes 12:01am on January 1st!


Topics: Motorcycle riding, Laws

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