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Each Glove Tells A Story: Long Distance Motorcycle Riding ~Voni Glaves

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Voni Graves' Red Gloves

Last week, as the conversation on Facebook page turned to waterproof gloves, we were excited to see a familiar name --  accomplished long distance rider Voni Glaves.

Voni is one of a handful of motorcyclists who has ridden a documented million miles without an accident, and is working on her second million. A million miles is like circling the circumference of the earth 40 times.

Voni agreed to chat with us and share some of her experiences in the saddle.  We were really curious about her experiences both as a long distance motorcycle rider, and a something of a trailblazer for women in the sport.  

And since there's always a history behind a person's pair of motorcycle gloves, we got to hear some pretty cool stories ... and learn a thing or two.

Voni, thanks for sharing your stories, and continue to ride safe!


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Introducing Long Distance Motorcycle Rider: Dan Zinn

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Dan Zinn and Lucky ride a motorcycle cross country #olympiarides

We're excited to introduce Dan Zinn today. Dan is our first #Olympiarides rider!

Dan is pending Guinness World Record approval for his motorcycle trip last year, a 14,000 mile, 58 day epic ride on a 2004 Harley through 38 states. Read about his ride on Dan's trip blog. 

Dan will be road testing some of our gloves, and posting pictures and video, along with the hashtag #Olympiarides, if you want to follow along on Twitter.


Topics: Motorcycle rider

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