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Getting Your Bike Ready for Spring: Motorcycle Maintenance

Posted by Dan Moyle


Spring has sprung and you're about ready to break down that garage door and hit the road. Before your heel hits that kickstand, take a little time to make sure your bike is as ready for spring as you are.


Topics: Motorcycle Maintenence Tips

Motorcycle Rider's "Get Ready" Spring Check List

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz



Thank the powers that be for the change in seasons ... it's been a long harsh winter.  Even Florida riders had a few weeks of “intolerable” riding temperatures!

Now, days are getting longer and warmer, the flower bulbs have pushed their heads up beyond the subterranean depths.  Soon, April showers will wash away the sand and salt and we will all be getting some 2 wheel therapy. But first ...

March is the month to get the bike ready.

Read and follow all advice given in your owners manual for spring maintenance and a multi-point inspection before you even think about cranking up the engine ... and use Marilyn's list below as your guide (or visit your mechanic0 ...  and let’s RIDE!


Topics: Motorcycle Maintenence Tips

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