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What to look for in a Motorcycle Glove

Posted by Tom Schwab

WHAT_TO_LOOK_FOR_IN_A_MOTORCYCLE_GLOVEMany motorcyclists invest in protective gear including helmets, jackets, boots and other items. But motorcycle gloves are not always very high on the priority list. Hands and fingers on any rider are exposed and if the rider ever hit the ground, the hands could very well be the first point of contact. Motorcycle gloves are part of the protective gear and they also give you more grip, better impact cushioning, relief from vibration and blister prevention. If you are interested in investing in motorcycle gloves, here is what to look for.

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Getting a Perfect Fit: Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Glove Sizing

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

handYour hands are the primary connection between you and your motorcycle controls. Proper fit is essential.

Yet we hear all the time from riders with a glove fit problem.

Maybe their hands and fingers are shorter or wider or longer than average ... but even if that's the case, there should be a glove that fits just right. 

Never settle for a poor fitting motorcycle glove ...

Here's a guide to gloves that fit, to keep you protected, comfortable, and focused on the road.


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A Women's Motorcycle Glove For Small Hands?

Posted by admin

Finding Women's Motorcycle Gloves for Spring RIdingSpring poses new challenges for the motorcycle rider!

Chilly mornings mean you need a warm glove, for comfort.  For warmer afternoon temperatures, protection and comfort become key factors.

What's a rider to do?


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Tips: Purchasing The Right Olympia Motorcycle Gloves For You

Posted by admin

Motorcycle gloves are needed for hand protection, weather protection, grip, anti-vibration, warmth and comfort.


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How to Measure your Hand for the Perfect Motorcycle Glove Fit

Posted by admin

handLooking to order motorcycle gloves from the Internet?

If you can't try them on, it can be hard to know how they'll fit. 

Most reputable motorcycle glove companies will encourage yout to visit a dealer first. 

Other ecommerce/online motorcycle gear sites will typically have a liberal  return or exchange policy. Still, it's better to get the fit right, the first time.

Here's how to measure your hand, to determine what size glove you're going to need.

There are 3 basic methods.


Topics: Motorcycle Glove Size

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