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Your Mama Wears Combat Boots and Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by Dan Moyle

good_womanHappy Mother's Day to all you biker babes with babes of your own. I for one am glad my mom's a biker - well sort of a biker. She doesn't have her own bike. She rides with my dad. But she's a biker just the same.


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Winter Motorcycle Gloves (Product Review: Women's Aventador Gloves)

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Product Review

Marilyn Elmore Bragg is a motorcycle rider, photographer, and writer who occasionally writes for Olympia Gloves.

She was given a pair of Ladies Olympia Aventador gloves (Style 4295) to road test this winter.

After wearing them for about 300 miles, here's her review.


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A Women's Motorcycle Glove For Small Hands?

Posted by admin

Finding Women's Motorcycle Gloves for Spring RIdingSpring poses new challenges for the motorcycle rider!

Chilly mornings mean you need a warm glove, for comfort.  For warmer afternoon temperatures, protection and comfort become key factors.

What's a rider to do?


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Olympia 106 Ringer Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by admin



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Olympia Cold Throttle Men's & Women's Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by admin

Ladies & Mens Cold Throttle Motorcycle Gloves


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