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The Motorcycle Riders Who Matter Most

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jun 19, 2014 4:40:00 PM


We get the most incredible stories by asking simple questions on our Facebook page. We never cease to be amazed by the riders who comment.

And this past weekend, on Father's Day, we were not disappointed.

We simply asked: "Tell us about your dad". What we read next blew us away.

Everyday stories of ordinary dads. Working, raising families, and passing along a love of riding to the next generation.

Some dads served country and community.  Others were simply a steadfast presence in their childrens' lives. Remembered and appreciated by grown children, more than they could ever know.

We couldn't let those remembrances go unnoticed. 

So here's a tribute to the dads who are/were motorcycle riders who inspired the next generation of riders.

Dads Who Ride

Here are some of the comments that riders left, when asked about their dads:

"My dad got me on two wheels, fought for our country, fire fighter. Raised 3 boys including myself. Has a pair of the hardest working hands managing his own handy-man business. He is my role model. I am so proud to be his son!"

"My dad is so special to me as we ride our Goldwings together ... He on 2-wheels at 79 years young! I am so happy to ride my own bike with hubby in front and Dad in my mirror!!!"

"He's the reason I ride a motorcycle, he rode me when I was little and lit the fire."

"My dad is my hero. He showed me that it takes a real man to love your kids with all your heart. He has always been there for all of his 4 kids. Greatest man I know."

"My dad is the reason I am the man I am today. Raising my family with good values I learned from him."

"My Dad is always there when I need him."

"My dad was a special guy because he put his family first and loved his country."

"My dad stayed with the family thru thick and thin and always showed us love and support no matter what. I love my daddy!!!"

"My dad, 77 and still riding! Buell S2 & Lightning!"

"Proud veteran and supportive father."

"Because he took care of us kids & mom, gave us a great old fashioned childhood. Now in his 80's, and still there for us all."

"My dad has always been a good dad. He taught me how to be a good dad myself."

"My father has worked hard his entire life for his family but has never stopped teaching and encouraging me. It's from him I got my passion for motorcycles!"

"My dad is responsible for teaching me how to ride, respect and enjoy motorcycles at a very early age."

"Dad brought home a Harley M-65, taught me how to ride. He will be 80 in August, rides an electric wheelchair with a Harley sticker. He says it goes faster with that sticker, lol. Every time I ride my Harley, I think of him."

"My Dad has been gone for 23 years, but there is not a day that he doesn't have an impact on my life. My one desire is that I am half the man he was and that I can still influence lives after I'm gone."

"My dad was a truck driver most of his life. He always worked very hard to provide his family with what we needed. We Iost my father last year after a very long illness. The last time we spoke was on Father’s Day last year. I miss him."

"My dad was a NYPD motorcycle cop, so he knew the thrill and excitement of riding. He got a loan for me at 20 to buy my first bike ( 87' ninja 600r). Then co-signed for my second bike a brand new '94 ZX-7 Ninja. Thanks dad. R.I.P."

What Gets Remembered Most?

After the Hallmark holiday, we go back to our routines. Riding to work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, building, repairing. And riding together.

Maybe that's the surprise, then. Not that fathers are mentors, or that you impart life lessons to your children based on how you live everyday ... but how a love of riding gets passed down. By sharing your passion, you ignite theirs.

As they say, anyone can be a dad -- it takes a lot more to be a father.

Riders, thanks for those memories of great dads we never knew, but wished we had. They inspired us more than you realize.

P.S.  The author got a love of painting from her dad.  RIP.


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