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Best Snowmobile Riding Routes in New England

Posted by Tom Schwab


snowmobile_gloves_vs_snowmobile_mittens-360504-edited-059006-editedSnowmobiling is a popular winter sport in New England. Vacations are prevalent in the area as people travel from all over to enjoy the thousands of miles of groomed trails within the states in this region. The Island port area is Vermont is called the “snowmobile capital of New England,” though many from New Hampshire and Maine think their areas should retain that title instead. The region near the Canada border gives you intriguing rural views while Maine has some downright fun trails. To fully cover the area, look at the region by state and enjoy a trip to the area based on the region you most want to explore.


Best Snowmobile Riding Routes in WI

Posted by Tom Schwab

snowmobile_gloves_vs_snowmobile_mittens-360504-edited-059006-editedRiding a snowmobile is something you can do on your own, with family, or with a group of friends. There are thousands of trails all over the country and if you love riding, you want to try them all! But when you are in Wisconsin, you feel like you have all of the beauty and trail options you could ever want. Here are a few of the best routes to try when riding snowmobiles in Wisconsin.


Best Snowmobile Riding Routes in Minnesota

Posted by Tom Schwab



winter_tracks_in_snow_is_photoMinnesota is a winter wonderland during many of the winter months. That makes it the perfect spot for snowmobile riding. With more trails than you know what to do with, it has plenty of great opportunities for a fun ride. Whether you live in the area, or just want to visit for the winter fun, there are plenty of routes to enjoy within this snowy state! Here are a few of the best areas to visit.


2015-16 BUYERS GUIDE: 16 Snowmobile Gloves For Warm Hands

Posted by Dan Moyle

2015-16 Snowmobile Gloves Buyers Guide: Good, Better, Best  

It gets pretty cold out there on the trails.  Warm base layers, headgear, and gloves are essential. 

When it comes to keeping hands warm, there are really only 2 rules: keep hands dry, and body heat in.  Waterproof, windproof, insulated cold weather gloves are a must.

Yet, when it comes to snowmobile gear, there's a range of prices, features, and choices.

That's why we arranged our updated 2015-16 Buyer's Guide (Scroll down, below) according to "GOOD", "VERY GOOD", AND "BEST".

All 16 featured gloves will keep you warm, but different gloves will suit different needs.


Topics: Snowmobile Gloves

Best Snowmobile Riding Routes in Michigan

Posted by Tom Schwab

snowmobile_gloves_vs_snowmobile_mittensMichigan is a winter wonderland through many of the cold months and it has over 6,500 groomed trails that are perfect for snowmobiles. It is one of the most extensive systems of trails in the country, many of which are interconnected. The terrain is diverse and goes through both state and national forests. You can go across up to 11,000 different frozen lakes to make the adventure even more thrilling. There are a lot of options in terms of places to start a snow mobile adventure in Michigan. Here are a few options.


Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves: 2015-16 BUYER'S GUIDE

Posted by Tom Schwab


A year-round rider from Northern Minnesota told us recently .

"I love the outdoors ... and the gear that gets me there".  But it can be a challenge to keep warm, riding in those frigid Minnesota winters.

What's the best cold weather motorcycle glove? It sounds like a simple question, but there is no one answer.

  • You may be out for an hour or two ... or all day. 
  • You may have heated grips, or not.
  • The day may be wet and windy, or sunny. 
  • Your commute may start before dawn or end in the dark.

Every rider has different needs! But, there is a way to choose.

Use our 2015-2016 Motorcycle Glove Buyer's Guide (below) -- pick the glove that best suits the conditions and way you ride -- and works for your budget.

Oh, yes ... and check online reviews. Hearing what other riders have to say, is usually the best indicator that a glove will go the distance.


Topics: Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Which Leather For Gloves? Cowhide vs. Goatskin, Kangaroo and More

Posted by Dan Moyle


Many people ask us which leather is best for gloves. WIth all the choices, it can get confusing.

Cowhide vs. goat skin? Deerskin vs. pigskin? Elk? Kangaroo?

The answer is, it depends. Different leathers are best for different purposes.

If you're a winter rider, you may have one set of needs. If you're using the gloves for summer, other qualities may be important.

The choice usually comes down to three things ... design, budget, and performance needs. Here are the key differences, for the most commonly used glove leathers.  


Best Snowmobile Riding Routes in the Midwest

Posted by Tom Schwab


snowmobileSnowmobiling is a popular sport in the winter in the Midwest region of the country. There are over 500 miles of public trails and open scramble areas over frozen water available on county and owner lands. There are also over 1000 miles of trails for the public to enjoy on snowmobile club and private lands. Most of the trails in these areas are groomed for the best riding fun. The next time a good snowfall hits, plan a snowmobiling adventure to the Midwest. Here are some of the best routes.


7 New Year’s Resolutions for SnowMobile Riding

Posted by Tom Schwab


snowmobileIt’s that time of year again. You will start to hear about everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions and you have yet to find one for yourself. Most of the people you know will make similar resolutions every year. But if you’re tired of promising to go to the gym more often, make this year’s resolution something a little more interesting…something that has to do with your snow mobile! Here are a few possible resolutions for snow mobile riders.


Snowmobile Riding Techniques

Posted by Tom Schwab


snowmobileRiding a snowmobile looks simple enough, but there are techniques you should know when it comes to riding in certain areas. Riding uphill and going downhill are different and you will want to turn in a certain way as well. These tips are great for beginners who do not yet have a feel for their snowmobile, but they are also good reminders for those who have been on a snowmobile many times.


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