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How to Measure your Hand for the Perfect Motorcycle Glove Fit

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handLooking to order motorcycle gloves from the Internet?

If you can't try them on, it can be hard to know how they'll fit. 

Most reputable motorcycle glove companies will encourage yout to visit a dealer first. 

Other ecommerce/online motorcycle gear sites will typically have a liberal  return or exchange policy. Still, it's better to get the fit right, the first time.

Here's how to measure your hand, to determine what size glove you're going to need.

There are 3 basic methods.

Draw Hand Outline, and Compare to Glove Size Diagram (to Scale)

The easiest way to measure your hand for an estimated motorcycle glove fit, is with an outline graphic of your hand.

Print the image below and place your right hand as shown on the graphic. Make sure your index finger is against the black line on the left.

The measurement to the right side of your hand is your approximate glove size.

Motorcycle Glove Sizing Chart

Measuring Tape Method:

The second and more accurate way to measure your hand for the ultimate glove fit is to use a dressmakers measuring tape.  It's as simple as wrapping the tape measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand, excluding the thumb.  

The measurement should be taken with a closed fist as your hand expands when clenched and will provide you with the most accurate measurement.

Brand Size Chart

Every brand has it's own fit models and hand patterns for making gloves, and therefore every brand will fit a little differently. There is no one "standard" ... which is why we say to go to a dealer, if you can.

But if you can't ...

Olympia Gloves are "American fit"  ... a traditionlly larger and more ample fit than "European" gloves

Learn more on How to Choose the Right Fit Gloves: 

Getting a Perfect Fit ... Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Glove Sizing

Below are the Olympia size charts for men & women.

Women's Sizes Men's Sizes
Alpha Glove Size Inches CM Alpha Glove Size Inches CM
x-small 6 15 small 7 18
small 17 medium 7½ - 8 20
medium 7 18 large 8½ - 9 23
large 19 x-large 9½ - 10 25
x-large 8 20 xx-large 10½ - 11 30


P.S. We make over 70 styles of gloves and some with free shipping. To learn more about our motorcycle glove styles, visit a local dealer or our online store.
Find an Olympia Gloves dealer near you       olympia gloves web store
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