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BUYERS GUIDE: 14 Snowmobile Gloves To Keep Hands Warm and Dry

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Dec 27, 2013 5:17:00 PM


So, you've put your bike away for the winter ... what now?

Still feel the "need for speed"?

Snowmobile riding, in a beautiful winter landscape, is a great outdoor activity that many motorcyclists enjoy.

But along with the joys of snowmobiling comes the age-old question:

What's the best way to keep your hands warm and dry?

Here are 14 snowmobile glove suggestions, for sunny winter days on the sled.

What's The Best Way to Keep Hands Warm? 

Exposed hands are especially vulnerable to cold. 

And, wind chill is made worse by the speed of your snowmobile.

While some snowmobilers will wear heated gloves, and some snowmobiles have heated grips for extra warmth, wearing a good snowmobile glove is still essential.

You need to  keep hands warm and dry, on or off the snowmobile, and whether or not you are equipped with heated gear.

When choosing a snowmobile glove, here are the most important features:

-  Gore-tex,  Aquatex, or some other waterproof & windproof material, to keep warm and dry

- Leather or texturized palm, for better grip
-  Extra insulation, expecially back of hands and fingertips
-  A gauntlet style for extra warmth

-  Protective padding and features to protect hands in the event of a mishap
-  Goggle wipers are a nice feature, to brush off snow.

(Scroll down to see our 14 suggested snowmobile gloves at the end of this blog post)

Other suggestions for warm hands:
  • Liners: always carry an easy extra layer.  Polypropylene and Thermolite liners are a good insulating choice for the cold -- and a nice fleece layer can add warmth as well.

  • Hand warmers are easy to slip in. But they do not substitute for a good warm glove!

Riding a snowmobile is a great winter sport for a motorcyclist, just remember to gear up and keep warm!  And most importantly, stay dry!

What do you do to keep your hands warm while snowmobiling?

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P.S.  We make over 70 styles of gloves for snowmobiling and other sports.  To learn more about specific styles, refer to the guide below or visit our online store:


BUYERS GUIDE: 14 Snowmobile Gloves from Olympia:

Olympia makes 14 Snowmobile Gloves:
Style Name/#


Men's* / Women's* Description
4270 Gore-Tex Wolf   $99.95  Men's only Gore-tex (waterproof, windproof, breathable insert) , thinsulate insulation, SoftInside pile lining, leather exterior with extended adjustable cuff, goggle wiper
4390 Aquatex Husky   $74.95  Men's only Aquatex (waterproof, windproof, breathable insert), thinsulate insulation, SoftInside pile lining, nylon with full leather, textured palm, extended cuff, goggle wiper

4370 Cold Throttle,

4375 Ladies Cold Throttle


 Men's (4370) and  Women's (4375)

Aquatex (waterproof, windproof, breathable insert), palm 40g thinsulate, back of hand 100g thinsulate, leather palm, textured nylon gauntlet, pleated knuckles for dexterity, goggle wiper

6500 Cold Zip   $29.95  Men's only Dri-Lock waterproof/windproof insert, thinsulate insulation, waterproof zipper pocket, nylon shell, texturized palm grip, extended cuff
6000 Mustang I   $24.95  Men's only Dri-Lock waterproof/windproof insert, thinsulate insulation, nylon shell with thermo-fleece lining, extended cuff
6003 Mustang III   $24.95  Men's only Trigger finger (3 finger) design with Dri-Lock waterproof insert, thinsulate insulation, nylon shell with thermo-fleece lining, extended cuff
1320 Voyager   $44.95  Men's only Aquatex (waterproof, breathable insert), thinsulate insulation, texturized palm, extended cuff, goggle wiper

GT 4150 Gore-Tex All Season

  $94.95   Men's (4150) Gore-Tex (waterproof breathable insert insert), thermolite insultation, extended cuff, leather, goggle wiper
GT 4100 Weatherking Extra II   $99.95  Men's only Gore-Tex (waterproof, windproof, breathable insert), full wrap primaloft insulation, Hydrafil lining wicks moisture, leather, gauntlet
4298 Gore-Tex 2 in 1 Commander   $79.95  Men's only Gore-Tex (waterproof, windproof, breathable insert), primaloft insultation, leather/nylon 2 in 1 construction for warmth, extended cuff, texturized palm grip

4294 Aventador,

4295 Ladies Aventador

  $74.95  Men's (4294) and  Women's (4295) Gore-Tex (waterproof, windproof, breathable), extra primaloft insulation at fingertips, leather palm, goggle wiper, gauntlet
7300 Cold Weather Touch Screen   $39.95  Men's only Aquatex water/breathable insert, thinsulate insulation, touch screen technology

*Note:  Men's Styles may also fit women; use size chart or contact us to determine best size.



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