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7 Ultralight Gadgets for Your Next Motorcycle Camping Trip

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jul 16, 2014 10:52:00 AM

motorcycle camping sceneOpen air, open road, open sky -- it’s the best of all worlds.

But after a long day on the road, you want as many creature comforts as you can get your hands on; the challenge is being comfortable without packing everything and the kitchen sink.

Here are 7 motorcycle gadgets for your next camping adventure, that pack light and add comfort, to get you started.

P.S. We’d like to dedicate this post to our Hoka Hey long distance rider friends, who head out from Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska in a few days. We're sure they are packing light and doing plenty of camping on the side of the road.


Topics: Motorcycle camping

Motorcycle Riding In The Rain With Confidence: Summer Edition

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jul 7, 2014 11:29:00 AM


This past weekend, Hurricane Arthur hit the east coast, bringing torrential rains from North Carolina to Maine.

This got us thinking about the special challenges of riding on rainy days in summer.

Most riders avoid the rain, others learn how to deal with it.  But sometimes you can't avoid it, whether commuting or taking in a scenic cruise. 

If you ride long and often enough, sooner or later, you'll be caught in a sun shower or full-out downpour.

You can try to wait it out. However, with the right gear, special attention to road conditions and your surroundings, and a relaxed attitude, you can be more confident while riding in the rain.


Topics: Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves, Motorcycle Safety, Tips for Riding in Rain, Summer motorcycle riding, Summer Motorcycle Gloves

5 Unexpected "Go-To" Features For Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jul 1, 2014 5:06:00 AM


Are your summer motorcycle gloves looking a little frayed around the edges?

You may be looking for a new pair that will keep hands protected, well-ventilated, and comfortable on long rides.

But with so many glove choices, how do you know what to look for?

Here are 5 unexpected "must-have" features.


Topics: Summer Motorcycle Gloves

5 Reasons to Love Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jun 24, 2014 1:40:00 PM


Deerskin has long been prized by riders, and deerskin gloves can make a great addition to your motorcycle gear collection.

When designed and constructed well, no motorcycle glove will feel softer, or fit better.

Here are 5 surprising facts about deerskin ... and 5 tips on how to choose and care for the deerskin motorcycle glove that is right for you.

Trust us ... you'll never look at Bambi the same way again.


Topics: All Season Motorcycle Gloves, Deerskin motorcycle gloves

The Motorcycle Riders Who Inspired Us To Ride: DADS (Father's Day)

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jun 19, 2014 4:40:00 PM



Topics: Motorcycle riders

Keep Cool: Tips for Motorcycle Riders, Summer Motorcycle Gloves & More

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jun 17, 2014 7:39:00 PM

blue_skyWe love the cool breezes and lazy days of summer, but sometime riding on 90 degree days can feel like  you're being blasted by a hair dryer!

Here's a round-up of rider suggestions for keeping cool when riding in extreme heat.

Why Motorcycle Gear in the Summer?

When riding this summer, don't be tempted to go without protective gear.

it sounds counter-intuitive, but in the summer, riders really need to cover up.

Why? Besides exposure to road rash, riders who ride uncovered dehydrate MORE quickly as sweat evaporates.  That can cause heat exhaustion -- and it's totally unnecessary.


Topics: motorcycle gear, Summer motorcycle riding, Tips for Summer Riding, Summer Motorcycle Gloves

6 Cool Motorcycle Gadgets Under $50 for a Hassle Free Trip

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jun 16, 2014 5:36:00 AM


We're always interested in the newest and coolest motorcycle gadgets.  It'a funny how something as simple a new handle grips or a cupholder can make a huge difference in your comfort on the road. 

Some gadgets aren't worth the money, but several are well worth their price for the comfort, safety or convenience they add..

Here are a few inexpensive gadgets that will help make your trip a little more enjoyable.

1. Tank Bags


Topics: Motorcycle Gadgets

26 Tips to Reduce Hand Numbness For Motorcycle Riders

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jun 10, 2014 7:23:00 AM


Motorcycle riders sometimes experience hand numbness, forearm fatigue, and other hand/wrist/arm discomfort -- especially early in the riding season.

This occurence is surprisingly prevalent among riders.

Recently in the Motorcycle Enthusiasts group forum on Linkedin, there were over 100 comments regarding this problem -- which shows how very common it is.

Often, the best suggestions come from other riders.

Here are 26 tips from riders who have dealt with hand discomfort.


Topics: Gel Palm Gloves, Hand Numbness/Vibration

Gift Guide for Motorcycle Riders -- Celebrating Dads on Father's Day

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Jun 5, 2014 10:00:00 AM

fathers_dayLet's start with a true story:

One June, my brother and I wanted to get our dad fresh bagels, for a special Father's Day breakfast.

Without asking, we took the keys to his new red Firebird, and drove to the bagel store.  Unfortunately, we totaled it on the way home.

We hope our gift guide helps you celebrate the dads in your life in an equally memorable (but less dramatic) way!


Topics: Motorcycle rider gift guide

Long Distance Motorcycle Riding: Resources To Plan Your Trip

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

May 29, 2014 4:40:00 PM


For lots of riders, summer weekends mean long rides on the bike.

For some riders, that's a nice weekend cruise  ... for others, it's a road trip with a specific destination and length in mind.

Whether you belong to a long distance club with its own challenge like the Hoka Hey Challenge, prefer twisting the throttle on your own, or set your sights on achieving one of the milestone Iron Butt Association challenges, careful planning will improve your ride.

Here are some resources that long distance riders may find helpful.


Topics: Long Distance Riding, Summer motorcycle riding

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