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Win Women's & Men's Motorcycle Gloves! "Selfie" Facebook Contest

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz


"Take a Selfie" to Win Olympia Motorcycle Gloves!

Need new All Season or Winter motorcycle gloves?

This month, we're giving away a great pair of our newest motorcycle gloves -- your choice of either the All Season II, pictured above, or the WeatherKing Extra Touch. It's our little way to say thank you, and make the world a little warmer and safer for our favorite riders:)

To enter:

A winner will be selected at random on the 21st of November at 1pm EST. How easy is that?

Win New Gloves ~ Enter NOW!


What's Warmest: Snowmobile Gloves, or Snowmobile Mittens?

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz





Snowmobiling is a great recreational sport, but it can get very cold on those trails.

In fact, hands get colder while snowmobiling than other outdoor sports, like cross-country skiing ... because you don't generate as much internal heat.

Heated grips help ... but even with heated handles your palms can stay warm and the backs of your hands and fingers can get cold.

Today, we explain the options -- snowmobile mittens, gloves, or hybrids -- to keep hands warm while snowmobiling.


Topics: Snowmobile Gloves, Mittens

New 2014 Winter Riding Gloves: Weather Protection, plus Touch

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz



It's about to start getting cold out there. 

The only thing between you and hands that are chilled to the bone, is a good winter riding glove.

You might like good touchscreen winter gloves -- built with plenty of weather protection.

Why touchscreen? Because when it freezing outside, it really sucks to take your gloves off to check messages, make a call or swipe the GPS.

Winter touchscreen motorcycle gloves are designed to keep warmth in, and keep cold, wind and wet out.

Here are tips for cold weather riding, and 2 new gloves that'll do the trick. 


Topics: Winter Motorcycle Gloves, Touch Screen Gloves

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain: 4 Top Reasons To Choose Gore-Tex Gloves

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

Rain2We woke up to cold stinging rain this morning.

And just this week, a rider wrote us, "wishing" his gloves would do a better job of keeping his hands dry.

He described his daily commute, and having to wear soggy gloves (or wait for them to dry out) after a heavy rain.

Sound familiar?

If so, the solution for warm, dry hands is literally at your fingertips.

To travel in comfort no matter what the weather, invest in good waterproof, breathable gloves and gear.


Topics: Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

21 Tips for Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz


motorcycle_in_rainLet's face it ... riding a motorcycle in the rain isn't much fun, but sometimes it's a necessary evil. We'd all prefer riding under clear blue skies. 

Before you brave the next storm on a bike, make sure you've got the proper motorcycle rain gear ready and you know how to ride safely when the heavens open up.

Here are 21 suggestions to keep in mind when you find yourself riding in wet weather.


Topics: Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves, Tips for Riding in Rain

Getting a Perfect Fit: Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Glove Sizing

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

handYour hands are the primary connection between you and your motorcycle controls. Proper fit is essential.

Yet we hear all the time from riders with a glove fit problem.

Maybe their hands and fingers are shorter or wider or longer than average ... but even if that's the case, there should be a glove that fits just right. 

Never settle for a poor fitting motorcycle glove ...

Here's a guide to gloves that fit, to keep you protected, comfortable, and focused on the road.


Topics: Motorcycle Glove Size

Motorcycle Rain Gear: Waterproof Gloves That Keep Hands Dry

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

RainEver get caught riding in heavy rain?

A "chance of showers" is one thing.  But in a downpour, you need good motorcycle rain gear to keep dry, or water will find a way into every opening.

By good waterproof gear, we mean: helmets with faceshield, gaitors, rainsuits, waterproof boots or boot covers. And a ziploc baggie to put your phone in, and some big sturdy trash bags to help keep your larger belongings dry:)

And rain gloves! Wet hands get cold, so you have to keep them dry.

For those times you get caught riding in rain, here's how to choose the right gloves.


Topics: Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Tech Gloves Guide: Touch Screen Gloves, for Every Season

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz

touchCombining tech with riding brings up an interesting debate among motorcycle riders.

Some say: “Leave the phone and distractions at home and ENJOY the ride.”

On the other hand, A recent reviewer of one of our leather touch screen gloves said:

“Wish I had these on my cross-country ride … no more holding one glove between my teeth!”

If you ride with a GPS or smart phone – and today, that’s most of us -- touch screen-enabled gloves can be a really nice feature.

Like anything, there are lots of choices. Here’s how to find the right touch glove for your needs and budget.


Topics: Touch Screen Gloves

12 Great Attention-Worthy Blogs for Women Motorcycle Riders

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz


When you have a motorcycle gear/travel/maintenence question, do you search for answers online? Do you consult forums or motorcycle blogs?

That's what we do ... and by now, we have a list of our favorite "go-to" resouces for all things motorcycle, from forums to blogs and online magazines.

Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite women bloggers -- some of the world's most accomplished women motorcycle riders.

Most have a unique passion or expertise -- photography, motorcycle camping, motorcycle safety -- but in every case, each has ridden extensively and can be counted on for a wealth of motorcycle knowledge and a unique point of view. 

Check 'em out!

Topics: Womens motorcycle gloves, Women Motorcycle Riders, motorcycle blogs, women motorcycle bloggers

11 Great Fitting Women's Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by Rhonda Hurwitz


Forget the girlie pink, flowers, embroidery, and sparkles – If you ride, you need serious impact protection.

You also need motorcycle gloves that stay cool in warm weather, add warmth when temperatures drop, and allow you to grip the controls well, without being to big or too small.

And an affordable alternative to higher-priced gloves would be nice too, wouldn’t it?

Here’s how to get what you need, when shopping for women's motorcycle gloves.


Topics: Womens motorcycle gloves

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