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Dan Moyle is a marketer by day, and a biker by...well, by day, too. As a rider for more than 20 years, Dan is deeply vested in the motorcyclist lifestyle. As a director of marketing and inbound marketing evangelist, he's a big fan of storytelling. A blended family dad, Dan splits his time between work, Honor Flight and family. When he's not twisting the throttle. Find him at @danmoyle on Twitter.

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4 Ways to Beat the Winter Biker Blues

Posted by Dan Moyle


For motorcycle enthusiasts - bikers - the winter blues set in right about the same time we put away the bike for the last time and hook up the trickle charger. It doesn't take long to miss the open road. So what do we do? We start to dream about the curves, think about the wind and our right hand starts to twitch & twist a bit. 

Winter doesn't have to hurt. Here are a few ways to beat those winter biker blues.


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Winter Motorcycle Riding: Are Heated Gloves For You?

Posted by Dan Moyle

marilyn_winterIn this blog post, we set out to answer a very fundamental question:

What are the best motorcycle gloves to keep hands warm, for winter riders?

Lots of riders swear by their heated gloves. But we sell lots of insulated winter gloves, too, and hear from riders who are just as devoted to them.

In the end, it’s a personal decision, but we asked Marilyn Elmore Bragg to do a little research on the topic for you. Have a read.


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Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes: Montana

Posted by Dan Moyle


 Montana has some of the best motorcycle roads in the country. Big Sky Country has mountains, plains and everything in between. With Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, there are plenty of beautiful sites to enjoy. The roadside amenities are rather sparse so you’ll want to plan ahead when it comes to eating, sleeping and getting gas. Here are a few of the best routes in this state.


Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes: Nebraska

Posted by Dan Moyle


If you enjoy prairie views, you’ll get plenty of them in the state of Nebraska. The elevation rises in the east and you get to see the Sand Hills in the north-central part of the state. For a lot of flat, open rides, Nebraska is the perfect location. Here are some of the best options in the state.


Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes in Nevada

Posted by Dan Moyle


Motorcyclists enjoy the dry air Nevada has to offer and the isolated mountain ranges are a treat as well. With the large tourist magnet of Las Vegas and the lovely river and desert views, Nevada has a lot to offer any rider. The weather is generally warm and dry all year long so there is no need to plan around seasons, though summer can be rather stifling with all the proper riding gear. Here are some of the best routes to enjoy in the state of Nevada.


9 Tips for Long Motorcycle Rides

Posted by Dan Moyle


3_dudes_on_bikes.pngIf you love your motorcycle, the longer you ride, the better. But if you haven’t gone on a long ride before, you might be surprised at the challenges you face. Here are a few tips for long motorcycle rides in order to make the ride as pleasant as possible for as long as you want to ride.


Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes: Missouri

Posted by Dan Moyle


Missouri is filled with motorcycle roads that have a lot of rolling hills and unspoiled scenery. Riders can combine tourist attractions, hiking, camping, antique shops and more in The Show Me State. There are also world-class accommodations to enjoy between rides. Missouri is a state that has a little of everything. Here are some of the best routes in this area of the country.


Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes in Maryland

Posted by Dan Moyle


Maryland may not be the largest state, but riders can actually section it off into five different regions. The eastern shore area is flat and has a lot of farmlands, but it also has beach access and nice, peaceful rides. The capital area gives you cultural and historical sites to stop and see. The central region has more hills and access to Chesapeake Bay as well as some urban centers like Baltimore. The southern area includes more historic sites as well as many nature preserves that are quite pristine. And the western portion of the state gives you mountains and beautiful lake scenes. You might want to decide between sections before you choose a route or travel between them as you please. Here are some of the best routes within the state.


Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes in Minnesota

Posted by Dan Moyle


Minnesota has so many lakes it is hard to view them all in one trip. There are also river rapids, prairie lands, and some great roads. If you love the outdoors, Minnesota is a paradise of riding. It is best to plan a trip in the fall, spring or summer as the winter months can get rather cold and treacherous for motorcycle riders. Here are some of the best local routes in the state of Minnesota.


Favorite Local Motorcycle Routes in Massachusetts

Posted by Dan Moyle


Massachusetts gives riders a variety of route options that vary from heavily forested areas to mountain views. You can follow paths that take you to sandy beaches or those that allow you to enjoy bluffs. The state has plenty of hiking and camping opportunities as well as sightseeing and shopping areas. IT also has lovely historic landmarks to enjoy. Here are a few of the best routes in this state.


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