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Touchscreen Motorcycle Gloves That Work With Your iPhone, Droid & iPad

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Touchscreen_Motorcycle_Gloves_iPhone_Droid_iPadThere is a long list of touch screen functions we perform everyday. From making a quick call, texting, using the ATM and accessing the internet using our Droids, iPads, iPhones and more. These capactive touchscreen devices are easy to use with the naked hand, but can create frustration when it comes to wearing motorcycle gloves and attempting to utilize such high tech devices.


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Winter Motorcycle Gloves for a Nor'easter: One Rider's Story

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Our guest post today is from Marilyn Elmore Bragg, a Southern writer, photographer and long time rider who had to improvise through the snow, sleet and winds of a New England nor’easter.

We get asked all the time which winter motorcycle gloves are warmest for winter rides. Here's one rider's unusual way of dealing with unexpected weather.


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What Makes a Good Waterproof Motorcycle Glove?

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in the rain, your'e gonna need waterproof motorcycle glovesRiding in Rain

 In an online motorcycle rider’s group, the conversation turned to wet weather gear. Specifically, what’s the best moderate priced gear to wear when riding in the rain.

Fellow riders expressed a range of opinions about what's best, from wearing fishing gear and ski gear, to wearing rubber gloves over or under other gloves!

 Well, we really don't advise wearing fishing gear when you ride, LOL .... but it raises the question … 

What makes a good waterproof motorcycle glove?


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Father's Day Giveaway - Enter To Win!

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likegateWe want to recognize dads everywhere this Father's Day! Our Father's Day Giveaway contest begins June 1st where you and your favorite father have the chance to win a pair of Olympia Gloves.


Show Us Where You Ride Sweepstakes Official Rules

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A Women's Motorcycle Glove For Small Hands?

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Finding Women's Motorcycle Gloves for Spring RIdingSpring poses new challenges for the motorcycle rider!

Chilly mornings mean you need a warm glove, for comfort.  For warmer afternoon temperatures, protection and comfort become key factors.

What's a rider to do?


Topics: Ladies Motorcycle Gloves, Motorcycle Glove Size

Bikers Shut Down Freeway For Marriage Proposal [Video]

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No Foolin' here: The 4 men involved in this stunt in California were arrested after this video went viral on YouTube. Out of the 250 bikers who participated in the freeway blocking stunt, we're surprised more weren't arrested because we know what kind of havoc a 10 minute delay on the I10 can cause!  Let's just stay off the freeway people.


Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves: 6 Tips for Riding in the Rain

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180_MonsoonWith Spring here, riding season has begun. With Spring comes wet weather.

Most riders don’t want to get caught in the rain, but some riders enjoy the rush. Whatever your level of expertise is while riding in the rain, use general precautions and ride safe.

Here are 6 tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain:


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Tips for a Safe Motorcycle Riding Season

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407The days are longer and the sun is starting to shine again. Spring is in the air and your bicycle should be hitting the sidewalks, trails, or wherever else you enjoy riding.


Topics: Motorcycle Safety

Think Spring, Be Safe. Wear Warm Weather Motorcycle Gloves

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Topics: Motorcycle Safety, Spring, warm weather motorcycle gloves

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