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leather motorcycle gloves made in usa
Avoid Numbness with gel motorcycle gloves
Best leather touchscreen motorcycle gloves

Olympia Gloves makes great gloves, but they’re not for everyone.

Do you really need motorcycle gloves in 27 colors?

We make over 80 styles of motorcycle gloves. They mainly come in black (actually, 5 other colors too). We’re not out to win beauty contests, just to deliver exceptional performance, mile after mile. 

Don’t buy a glove ‘cause it looks good … buy it because it performs at 65MPH.  

Olympia Gloves are for the rider who wants top quality gear, at a reasonable price. Gloves that fit perfectly, keep hands warm and dry, and hold up in a slide.

Durability and value, yes.  Details like better leathers, the latest armor, gel palms, touchscreen fingertips, and reinforced seams, absolutely. Trendy styles, not so much.

Comfort and protection and great value are always in style. 

We protect your hands, and keep you safe and comfortable on the road.  High Style? Well, lets just say we’ve been at it since 1941, and we’re still working on that.

If you need 27 colors, or a fancy logo, no offense … we really don’t cater to you. Pay more for "trendy" gloves if you like.  Or save the dough, and spend it on your next adventure.